Festival Tokens In Stock - Beer glass

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Token color: white.
Design: beer glass.
Our Festival tokens in stock are made of plastic and have the same design on both sides.
One tablet of 4.7’’ by 4.7’’ consists of 25 separate tokens. Each separate coin is 0.91’’x0.91’’. Every token can be snapped in half. To ensure durability of the tablet, the middle token cannot be snapped in half.
The minimum quantity is 15,000 tokens which are 600 festival tablets.

  • Immediately available from stock
  • Budget friendly
  • Ideal for one-time use
  • Perfect for big events
  • Fraud-proof
  • Durable quality
  • Shipping costs are FREE
Product specs
Type of Token
Festival Tokens
Size (inch)
0.91 x 0.91
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