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Braille Token ø 1.50''

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Note: Prices do not include taxes and may vary depending on customization. Details

Prices do not include taxes and may vary depending on customization.

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Thanks to the Braille Token full integration of blind and partially sighted people is possible. These tokens made of recycled plastic are available with standard designs and in bright colors.

Top features

These Braille Tokens™ will make events, festivities, ... more accessible for blind and partially sighted people. Moreover we use Braille Tokens™ as an opportunity to inform and raise awareness for this visual impairment. b-token helps with our innovative token products to facilitate clearing up the misunderstandings in regards to this handicap by offering our tokens as an aid and viable solution to meet your needs. The Braille Tokens™ are made of recycled plastic and can be personalized on both sides. Your design will be embossed onto the tokens in the same color as the coins. The text or logo will be clearly recognizable by touch. These Braille Tokens™ have an edge, just like our other products, for easy handling. We have chosen to only offer Braille Tokens™ in 1.5'' diameter, our biggest round tokens.

  • wide range of colors
  • standard designs obtainable
  • reusable and dishwasher safe
  • completely recyclable
  • durable and solid
  • budget friendly
  • short delivery times
  • minimum order: only 1,000 pieces
  • 100% recycled material
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Embossed Tokens
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